Gardeners Answer Time

Tonight – Monday 8th February, 7pm – 9pm – food growers get together 

@ Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden shed

Gardeners answer time!

Bring a question from your garden and we’ll problem solve it together. Share something you’ve been doing that’s exciting or working well so others can try it too!

Some initial thoughts: we’d like to continue learning together and from each other, we’d like to get together to encourage sharing skills/knowledge/resource (physical and other), and we’d like to enthuse each other!

Everyone welcome, from backyard growers, to seasoned allotmenteers. This is for whoever wants to come. If you have food growing needs/interests/ideas, please bring them to the group! It is what we make it.

We’ll meet every new moon; following meeting Wednesday 9th March. Please don’t be discouraged if you’re not interested in planting by the moon; its a handy scheduling tool!

You can call Rita 078378 00579 if you’re not sure where to find us/get lost this eve.

Planning a Herb Garden

Another great cheat sheet form Anglian Homes (see below for their veg planner).

The Herb Growing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]


Courtesy of: Good to be Home

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